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 "BAN-MAR" Publishing 

Tutorials and self-study guides
on Bulgarian language and literature

BanMar Publishing is a private enterprise, established in 1997.
We specialize in Bulgarian language and Literature and publish educational study-falicitating materials (for grades 1 through 12, prospective university students, university students, teachers, faculty members, and all interested in Bulgarian language and literature)
BanMar Publishing has asserted itself as a leader in contemporry methodology of Bulgarian language and literature.
The content of the books is presented in a logical, accessible and intriguing way. The books are intended as class-study guides and for self-study of the pupils.

  Guaranteed active thought-provoking study and superior results.

  Solid preparation for competition exams.

"BanMar" Publishing provides the most interesting, methodologically and scientifically sound, up-to-date, valuable, most popular Bulgarian language and Literature study aids for students and teachers alike.

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    1. Wisdom
        proverbs, sayings, maxims

    2. Bulgarian Language and Literature Tests for External
        Evaluation and for 7th Grade Exams.
        Paraphrase Texts

        This study aid was approved by an Order
         09-346/02.03.2011 . of the Minister of Education,
        Youth, and Science.

  the publisher tel. 02/ 953 09 20, GSM 0887 314 881;

  "Bolid" Book-Exchange, Office 7 ground floor,
    "SOVEAL" Co. (Yavor Alexiev);

  all "HELICON" Book-stores in the country.

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